CrashPlan for Small Business cloud backup review


Data is at the core of businesses today; customer records, financial documents and critical files all play a vital role. That’s why cloud backup solutions like CrashPlan for Small Business are so invaluable; CrashPlan offers reliable backup that’s safe enough for companies of any kind; read this full review to gain an in-depth look into its features, benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Overview of CrashPlan for Small Business:

    CrashPlan for Small Business from Code42 provides organizations with an effective cloud backup solution tailored to small and midsized enterprises (SMEs). CrashPlan’s user-friendly design and rich functionality give organizations peace of mind knowing their data is protected from accidental loss or corruption.

  2. Features and Benefits:

Crashplan for small business provides an impressive variety of features designed to meet the diverse backup requirements of small and midsized enterprises (SMEs). One standout feature is its unlimited storage capacity businesses can safely back up large volumes without worrying about capacity constraints. Furthermore, CrashPlan utilizes continuous backup mechanisms meaning files are being automatically backed up real time as changes occur helping ensure no data loss between scheduled backups.

Customizing backup settings by file type size and frequency gives businesses the power to prioritize essential files while optimizing backup schedules to reduce network bandwidth impacts. Furthermore Crashplan utilizes strong encryption protocols during transmission and storage to protect sensitive information securely giving businesses complete control of their sensitive information.

Crashplan makes data recovery effortless with an intuitive restore process and multiple recovery options available to users. Files can be restored either back to their original locations or to an alternate one making retrieval simple! plus its versioning capability gives access to past versions of files for easier restoration in case accidental deletion or file corruption arise.

  1. Performance and Reliability:

Crashplan for small business excels in terms of both performance and reliability when it comes to cloud backup thanks to its innovative deduplication technology. By only backing up unique file elements this technology reduces bandwidth use and storage requirements significantly helping ensure efficient backups without jeopardizing data integrity.

Crashplan’s servers are strategically situated to offer redundancy and reduce data loss risks businesses can rely on Crashplan to protect their information even in times of unpredictable events or natural catastrophe.

  1. Ease of Use and Customer Support:

Crashplan for small business provides an intuitive user interface making backup setup and management straightforward for businesses of any size. It features intuitive dashboards to track backup progress make modifications easily initiate restores immediately as well as mobile applications enabling access from anywhere to enable complete convenience and accessibility of data backup for small businesses.

Code42 offers exceptional customer support to users of Crashplan. They offer extensive documentation knowledge bases and FAQs that address common inquiries or problems encountered with the software in addition to access to an expert support team who offer personalized assistance when required.

  1. Pricing:

Crashplan for small business offers competitive and transparent pricing plans tailored to the number of devices and storage needs within an SMB environment making CrashPlan an attractive cloud backup solution without breaking the bank. Subscription options allow businesses to select an ideal plan according to requirements and budget constraints offering monthly or annual subscription options to best meet requirements and meet budget constraints. With transparent pricing structure and flexible plans making Crashplan an excellent cloud backup choice without breaking your budget!


Crashplan for small business stands out as an outstanding cloud backup solution for small and midsized enterprises featuring robust features unlimited storage capacity continuous backup mechanism and robust data security protocols that give organizations confidence their vital data is secure yet quickly recoverable. Crashplan provides organizations peace of mind by offering user friendly interface effective performance capabilities and exceptional customer support protecting both your organization’s vital information as well as valuable customer relationships. Crashplan protects small business data assets.

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