One of my favorite Spotify features is coming to Apple Music with iOS 17


Spotify and Apple music have emerged as two giants in music streaming platforms providing unparalleled services to millions of music enthusiasts around the globe. Each has their own set of benefits, but one feature exclusive to Spotify was recently made available via iOS 17’s release which created considerable excitement within the community. We will explore this integration further here and how it improves user experiences.

  1. Background on Spotify and Apple Music:

Before delving deeper into their integration, let’s quickly review both platforms. Spotify was established in 2006, quickly becoming a go-to music streaming service with over 70 million tracks available for streaming. Popular features on Spotify include personalized playlists, discoverability tools and collaborative features which have cemented it as one of the go-to services among users around the globe. Apple Music launched two years later has quickly grown in popularity thanks to exclusive artist content, curatied playlists and seamless device compatibility; becoming increasingly sought-after over time.

  1. The Spotify Feature:

One of the standout features of Spotify is the Discover Weekly playlist which has become beloved to millions of music lovers around the globe. Utilizing an advanced algorithm designed to analyse a user’s listening habits and curate an individualized selection of tracks based on preferences analysed during analysis sessions discover Weekly provides users with new artists genres and tracks which fit with their musical taste while opening doors into exciting worlds they never knew existed before! Users eagerly anticipate its arrival each week!

  1. The Integration:

With iOS 17’s release Apple Music announced their own “Discover Weekly” feature similar to Spotify. This exciting development opens new possibilities for Apple Music subscribers who long for personalized playlists such as those offered by Spotify.

  1. Enhancing the User Experience:

Apple Music now provides users with one of their beloved Spotify features Discover Weekly making personalized playlists easier than ever before! Those familiar with discover weekly will experience similar levels of music curation within Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple music continues its dedication to improving and offering innovative features to users by including this integration from spotify users who have shown great appreciation. Apple demonstrates an understanding of changing landscape of music consumption as well as personalization through this implementation.

  1. How It Works:

While specific details regarding Apple music’s implementation of this feature have yet to be made public its likely implementation will operate similarly to spotify’s discover weekly feature. Apple Music will use an algorithmic system to analyse a user’s listening habits by taking into account factors like genre preferences, favourite tracks and saved playlists in turn creating personalized playlists tailored specifically for every one. These will then be updated weekly on apple music platform.

  1. Future Implications:

Apple music’s inclusion of this feature could serve as a turning point drawing more users over from spotify who had hesitated before switching platforms. By replicating such an iconic feature of their competitor platform they demonstrate their dedication to providing superior user experiences while positioning themselves as worthy alternatives to spotify.

Apple music’s personalized playlists give artists and record labels new opportunities to reach a broader audience giving independent artists and emerging talent access to Apple’s vast user base and greater exposure.


Apple music’s planned integration of one of my favourite features from spotify into iOS 17 marks an exciting step forward in music streaming platforms evolution. Apple Music continues its legacy of innovation and provides users with an enhanced personalized music experience and as competition between Spotify and apple Music intensifies users can expect even more innovative features to enhance their streaming journey no matter whether you prefer spotify or apple music integration of this beloved feature provides more choices and personalization when it comes to digital music discovery iOS 17 brings this integration and the music community eagerly awaits the dawning of a new age of seamless and personalized music discovery.

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